Preview of Airplane Day

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If I didn’t already have a title for this project, I would consider calling this “Scrapbook of Racism.”


Locust Moon Fest, Today!

Locust Moon Map

Today’s the Locust Moon Comics Fest and I’ll be at table S-10 B! Come by and see me!

Professional Development

Professional Development


This is why nothing gets done around here. 

The Absence of Love is a Resentful Dog.

August 20 2014

Last week, Doctor Teeth had an issue with his skin and tail, and we had to take him to the vet. He was not happy about it.

This week, Doctor Teeth dislocated his hip while doing a totally normal dog-thing. What a disaster. He goes into surgery this morning. 

I miss this guy, resentment and all. 


Werdy Girl